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About Us

Kinosayo museum invites it's visitors to learn about the pioneer days in our surrounding communities and to have fun!

Kinosayo museum, is located one kilometer south of Kinuso, and provides visitors with a glimpse into what life was like in the days of the early settlers,  The beauty of Alberta's wildlife is one of its proudest collection.  

We are generally open during the summer months of May, June, July and August.


  • Native Culture

  • Ukranian Culture

  • Pioneer Life

  • The Logging Industry

  • Agriculture

  • Hunting and Trapping

  • Swan River School - fully restored

  • Natural history - Over 65 animals

  • A 1928 Twin city Tractor

  • A UGG grain elevator - Fully working

The Kinosayo Museum was founded in 1983 and is run by a volunteer board; people in the local area have donated the majority of the collections

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Our History

The Kinosayo museum opened its doors on August 16, 1985.  (The Cree word "Kinosew" meaning fish, also the first chief in the area, before the division of the different bands along the lake was Andrew Willier also known as Chief Kinosayo who had signed Treaty No. 8 in 1899). 

After being in the Agricultural Complex in Kinuso for over fifteen years, the Kinosayo Museum moved to a different site; that of the forestry.  Most of the year was spent moving, renovating, and setting up new displays, by the twelfth of September 2000, the museum was finally ready to hold its grand opening.

Meet our


Jennifer L. Churchill became president of the museum in 2016. Her great grandmother Vera (Whitecotton) McLaughlin was first president of the Kinosayo Museum in 1983. When Jennifer isn't at the museum doing tours and helping set up displays, she is working at Kinuso School as a junior and senior high English teacher. Her passions include educating our youth, farming and spending time with family.

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